Writing, Audio, Video and Multimedia Work

Television and Video Samples

Global Montreal Oct. 27, 2017: Candyland!
Where to get sweet treats, from Chinese spun sugar snacks to cotton candy fine dining:

Global Montreal Foodie Friday segment with Amie Watson-Candyland in Montreal

Global Montreal Sept. 20, 2017: Montreal meal delivery taste test from Maurin Cuisine, Freshmint and Goodfood Box

Breakfast Television Montreal on CityTV, Sept. 14, 2017: Martinique Gourmande – 10 days of Martinique food and culture

Global Montreal, June 28, 2017: Gourmet Popcorn Taste Test

Global Montreal Feb. 21, 2017: La Fête des Fromages d’Ici at the Montreal Highlights Festival

Breakfast Television January, 2017: Maple Syrup Classifications

Breakfast Television, Oct. 2016

Demo Reel: Weekly segment for MAtv on a Montreal hero or charitable organization

More About Me: Rock Climbing and Journalism

This video documentary about my love of rock climbing and journalism was made by Giordano Cescutti of Concordia University in Montreal.

Writing Samples
“Where Chefs Eat” 
(Nov, 2015) – Canada’s Best New Restaurants
Hotel Design Awards (Dec, 2015) – The best new hotels in Canada
“The Edge of Glory” (July, 2012) – Rockclimbing in Flatrock, Newfoundland
“The Many Sides of Lima” (Sept. 2011) – Eat your way through Lima, Peru

CBC Interview Script: Maniadakis Orchard
Montreal Gazette: Poutine for the Rest of Canada (March, 2012)
The National Post: Fruitcake Redeemed
Fine Dining Lovers: How to Make Saké at Home: Advice from a pro
Midnight Poutine: Mundial Montreal: Navigating the world of agents, managers and grants
Maisonneuve Magazine: Scene from a Montreal Clinic
Multiculturiosity.com: My blog of gluten-free recipes, restaurant reviews, wine and travel
MidnightPoutine.ca: Montreal’s Best Terrasses and a whole slew of other “best of” posts

Multimedia Work:

Scribble Live:
Live stream from Les Turbulents natural wine salon
“So Many Oysters” – Live stream from Montreal’s 7th annual Oysterfest

Soundslides: Montreal Completement Cirque
iBooks: Ben Sidran at Montreal Jazz Fest


Audio Sample (5’00”): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1uuBHO3u3xpNldqem5oS1pxdEk/view?usp=sharing

  • Bill 3 script + clip for CBC (no intro)
  • Hong Kong editorial
  • Sportscast for Concordia news (with intro)
  • Interview with comedian Greg Proops for Just for Laughs 2011
  • Co-hosting the Radio Cannon music podcast

CBC News script + clip: Firefighters

Video Sample:
Contents (5’00”):

  • “Mold in NDG”
  • “Your Ste-Catherine Street” for Bell Local internship;
  • French version: “À la Découverte de la rue Ste-Catherine”
    “Spark’s Breakfast Club”

Storify: Rob Ford’s Post-Rehab Return


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